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SINCE 1979

The Comapny

Parametros S.A. is a food and beverage engineering and constructing company.

Our company is a dynamic, private company that was founded in 1979 in Athens, its purpose being to provide integrated solutions for the construction of food and and beverage processing plants.

Over the years, PARAMETROS S.A. has evolved into the biggest Greek construction company operating in the food sector, with activities that extend across Greece and the greater part of South-East Europe. Today we offer our services all over the world.

Thanks to its invaluable experience, PARAMETROS S.A. is in a position to offer its clients a gamma of services that range from the preparation of a feasibility study to the design and construction of a building, the procurement and complete installation of mechanical equipment, the starting up, the personnel training, as well as continued support even after the project has been completed so as to ensure the proper running of the facility.

Therefore, be it a new line as an extension project or a major “turn-key” plant, PARAMETROS S.A. can be YOUR trust-worthy partner right from the start... from your initial ideas for an investment, to the completion and operation of a project.